Time to Count my Freakin’ Blessings

Fact: The candidate I was most afraid of won. Can’t change it.

Reality: My kids are healthy, we live in a warm, solid home, my marriage is still kicking along. I’m feeling more grateful  today than I was on Monday when I thought the candidate I had more confidence in would win.

How could that be? I’m not sure, but I hope it continues because I’d like to spend more time feeling grateful than frightened or angry.

I’m grateful the rest of the world (mostly) seems to be feeling my electoral pain. I’m grateful to the current leaders in power who are putting the good of the country first and already working to keep things stable and steady.

I’m not saying I wouldn’t prefer the election had gone a different way. Yes, I’m still damn scared and railing against all that might be coming. I’m just saying I’m doing my best to focus on the positive. It’s not actually that difficult, thank heaven. And it’s better than constantly feeling like the only thing that will soothe me is to down a pint of chocolate peanut butter ice cream.


5 thoughts on “Time to Count my Freakin’ Blessings

  1. Amen, Sister. Some of us are wandering around seeking answers to the questions, “Why? How?” Plain fact is that now we just need to do our best, hope for the best or at least, the not the so awful. And as you say, be grateful for who and what we DO have. Keeping writing!!! Your prose gives me a temporary escape. Peace to you and all of us.

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  2. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! I happen to be thrilled and excited about the future. However, I have lived through many elections- sometimes happy, sometimes I’ve been sad and worried. But America is a great and beautiful country so let’s keep working together!


    1. I love hearing that you are excited about the future! I am coming to terms with our new leader, but I’m still excited about all the amazing, wonderful things and people this country has to offer. We are a great country so I’ve never jived with the slogan ‘making America great again’. I’m not sure when it stopped being great!
      Thanks for the support…you are a star!

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      1. Good thoughts Aimee. I know you have traveled quite a bit and lived in other countries so you have a good perspective on all this. I just saw an ad for a pumpecapple cake. Some name like that-it was billed as the turducken of cakes. Three kinds of pie in 3 layers of cake. You’re right- who says America isn’t great?!?!

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