Why Go To India?

India has never been on my top ten list of places I want to visit. It’s not that I’m against it, I just have so many other places I want to go.

Like Hawaii.

Or Tahiti.

So why am I leaving for India in two days?

One, the new novel I’m writing includes Indian characters and takes place largely in Mumbai, India.

Two, the trip fell into my lap in a way that made it more affordable to go.

Three, when I started researching Mumbai for my book, I realized their cultural differences are fascinating. So the chance to go investigate first-hand is irresistible.

My generous husband is aiding and abetting me by taking two weeks off work to be Daddy-Mom.

I might also never get another chance to see the Taj Mahal at sunrise. Or ride an elephant. See a ‘pink city’. Experience a camel safari in the desert. Or get jam-packed into a bustling, polluted city of 22 million energetic souls where holy cows can stop traffic.

To do all this I will have to avoid the dreaded ‘Delhi-belly’ foreigners can get from drinking water or eating foods contaminated with bacteria and germs our bodies can’t handle. While that alone might be reason enough to be wary of visiting India, hopefully the reward will outweigh the risk.

So Monday I’m flying to India…and praying I stay healthy enough to enjoy it.



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