Pronouncing Enzo ~ A novel about transformation, love, and proper pronunciation

You know how sometimes you get this great idea for a book and then life happens and you totally forget about it? When I dreamed up the idea for Pronouncing Enzo, I couldn’t shake the urge to write it even though I had about 76 more important items on my to-do list. Something in me thought that writing this novel would be even more satisfying than eating a pint of chocolate-peanut butter ice cream (my all-time Fave).

And it was.

Here’s the gist:

Hester Hastings is the best dialect coach in Hollywood. The hottest actors pay her top dollar to help them master accents that will wow the critics. She would never offer free lessons to an ex-con from South Central L.A. and let him live in her pool cabana…until her best friend challenges her to a crazy bet.

In only three months, Hester must transform the ex-con so he can dazzle Hollywood royalty posing as an up-and-coming British actor.

Enzo Diaz just got out of jail. He is determined to get a good job and turn his life around. But with a criminal record and an accent straight from the streets, his job prospects aren’t looking good. When Hester offers to polish his English and give him a place to stay it’s a no-brainer. Enzo is desperate for a chance at a better life.

Hester didn’t count on finding out Enzo’s rough exterior hides a heart of gold. But just when she starts to fall for him, she discovers his shocking secret.

Forget winning the bet. Does Hester have the courage to win at love?


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