Whoodle Gone Wild


So I let the kids dress up the Whoodle for Halloween.

Okay, true confessions…it was my idea. I took them to the dog store and let them pick out a costume. I mean, when is she ever going to be this little and cute again? Might as well maximize her powers of super-cuteness while we can, right?

‘Wonder Whoodle’ was a big hit both at the school Halloween parade, and Trick or Treating that evening.

By the way, I swear to you I never dressed my kids up this way to exploit their cuteness.


Okay, so maybe once.

October 2009 187

Or twice. I swear that was the last one.

And really, this Wonder Whoodle thing was really the last time I will indulge in such cuteness-enhancing antics. I should mention that no animals were harmed in the posting of this blog. In all seriousness, the Whoodle absolutely did not mind wearing the costume. I don’t think she even noticed it. She was way to excited and busy running around the neighborhood at night, wild with delight at the attention from all the children.

So next year at Halloween, if you spot a Wonder Whoodle — forgive me for doing it again.


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