One Fun Thing

Life affords many opportunities to get bogged down in sludge. Chores, responsibilities, bills. As a child I used to wonder why my parents were so stressed and boring. Now, of course, my children wonder the same thing about me and my husband. Kids know the score. They make sure to find something fun to do nearly every day.

What if we gown-ups all agreed to do something today that was fun? Not all together, of course. My house isn’t big enough to invite y’all over. And I’m not talking about going to a bar and getting wasted. I understand that is some people’s idea of fun, but I’m talking about things that lift us up without crashing us down into a heap of hangover and guilt the next day. We’re not going out and buying that $90,000 sports car, or even that new $500 Chanel bag in aubergine that would look so nice with my winter coat.

And again, I’m talking to adults here now. Preferably parents of children under eighteen who really just need one fun thing to enjoy after getting through the day, doing the dishes, and enforcing bedtime. No, not television watching. It can be fun, but it’s completely passive. Let’s be like kids and get off the sofa.

I’m talking active, participation-required fun. If you have an adult partner available for sex, that counts. Playing tennis counts. So does virtual bowling on the Wii. Playing scrabble, solitaire, sewing, knitting, scrapbooking, sailing, or searching for Sasquatch. All these things will do if you find them to be fun. Just not all at the same time please.

Okay, I know by the end of the day you are tired. So am I! But I’m just talking about today. Not a commitment for the next six months. Just one fun thing that won’t ruin your life, empty your bank account, or destroy your marriage. Schedule it on your calendar, add it to your to-do list.

I wonder what it would feel like if we all managed to do this – one fun active thing today. Would we all wake up tomorrow feeling a little more jazzed about life? Would we notice the spring in each other’s step? Would we be more productive workers, more patient mothers and fathers tomorrow?

I wonder.


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